Thursday, December 7, 2006


Dear reader,

After writing and publishing the poem that follows I spend a fine day on the beach.
The beach of La Gola near the Rio Ter was a dream that day.

The sea is often singing but the waves can also become like a heavy machine that never stops. But it was one of those fine days that everything went well, very well.

Then a melody came to my mind and I made some notes on a piece of paper.

Home I worked it our and kept it.

Thanks to my PC I still have that rough written score.

I enclose it: if anyone would make it more professional
I would only be too grateful.

And in that case, please send me a copy !!!

Thanks in advance
'Fins ara!' in Catalan

Jan Arends
Torroella de MontgrĂ­ (Girona)

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